About Us

Introducing to you TRUEBASICS, a range of nutraceuticals which are scientifically formulated using clinically researched ingredients, to fulfill all nutrition needs.

Human body is designed to function at an optimal level under certain external conditions, these being healthy diet, optimal rest and unpolluted environment.

Modern lifestyle has violated all these conditions, be it unhealthy, nutrient deficient & imbalanced diet, lack of sleep and pollution all around. This has led to an imbalance of macro and micro nutrients in our body leading to suboptimal performance. Also, human ageing has accelerated due to these conditions.

To counter these changes and promote healthy lifestyle, HealthKart has introduced a nutraceutical brand – TRUEBASICS


Scientifically Crafted formulations with Clinically Researched Ingredients

– All products comprise of the highest quality ingredients and are made in top-notch GMP-certified facilities according to strict GMP standards

– To maximize efficacy, all our products are designed with superior bio-availability in mind, making them readily digestible and absorbable

– All our formulations contain clinically tested ingredients which are backed by research

All-in-One Solutions

So where do you start? Vitamin aisles can be overwhelming. What’s actually in them? How much should I take? Some of these are empty, and some are too powerful?

TRUEBASICS plans to make it simple: Based on the Recommended Dietary Allowance (or RDAs), set by FSSAI, our science-based formulations are covering all the basics and more. Crafted from meticulously sourced ingredients.

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Honest Guidance

TRUEBASICS believes in balance of nutrients in human body for optimum performance. To achieve this balance, we promise to be honest with transparency on formulations, scientific research and ingredient sources.

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